How to Talk to Users and Grow Your Startup

Users are the ultimate key to startup growth. Learn how to talk to users and discover insights to grow your startup.


Course Overview

With startups, growth is the ultimate goal. But many founders overlook one of the most powerful growth accelerators: user insights. Talking to users and generating user insights is the key to growing fast.

If you're wondering why you aren't growing fast or why people aren't using your product, it's likely because you don't understand your users. And chances are you don't understand your users because you're not talking to them – effectively, or at all.

Talking to users isn't as simple as it sounds. Often, we can't find users to talk to. We don't know what to ask. Users may not share honestly. And we end up with feedback we're not sure how to interpret.

Take this course to learn how to find users, lead effective conversations, and interpret user feedback to generate insights and grow your startup from experienced founders.

Key Takeaways

A framework for effective questioning and navigating user interactions
Real-world examples of what good user conversations look like
Common mistakes people make when talking to users and how to avoid them
How to interpret and make sense of user feedback to inform your decisions
How to find your best users and convince them to talk to you
Fail-proof questions that you can ask in almost any situation

Who Is This For

  • New Founders You are actively working on your idea full time and struggle to find and convince users to talk to you. If you're craving clear, actionable steps to connect with users, this course is for you.
  • Existing Founders You speak with users regularly, but aren't getting insights from your conversations and don't know how to interpret the feedback. If you're seeking guidance on what questions will lead you to good, useful information and what to do with user responses, this is the course for you.
  • Everyone Else You are an engineer, product manager or business lead and understand the importance of user data driving business success. If you want to learn how to better understand the pain points and needs of your users, this is the course for you.

What Founders Are Saying About Us

“Relevant, filled with insights and concise.”
“I wish that we know Iterative sooner so that we would not waste so much time figuring out things on our own.”
“I would recommend Iterative to other founders for its helpful guidance and support for the entrepreneurs.”
“It was helpful for us and I am sure it will help many others too.”

“Very useful and learned lots!”
“Operator experience from the Iterative team is really valuable for founders. It's like having an ad-hoc temporary cofounder.”
“Loved the specificity of Hsu Ken's feedback, especially when he gives examples to drive home the point he's making.”
“I came in with very high expectation and you delivered.”

Meet the Creator


Andrew Chen General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Andrew is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he invests in consumer startups across marketplaces, social apps, games, and more -- including being on the boards of Reforge, Substack, Clubhouse, and others. He previously led growth teams at Uber during their hypergrowth period focused on riders and drivers.

This Course Includes

📚 Immediate access to all course material

📓 14 detailed lessons

📄 Digital and printable worksheets

📝 4 assignments to apply learnings

🧑‍🏫 2 live sessions with instructors

🎓 Certificate of completion

Course Content

Week 1: 20 May to 24 May

Module 1: Why Talking to Users Is The Key to Growth Learn why talking to users is a non-negotiable as a founder, how it's easy to do wrong, and an effective framework to getting it right.
Module 2: Examples From Airbnb, Facebook, and Netflix Successful founders talk to users. Learn from the approaches of renowned founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings and Brian Chesky.

Week 2: 27 May to 31 May

Module 3: 3 Common Mistakes Common mistakes founders make when talking to users and how to avoid them.
Module 4: How to Get Users to Talk to You After you start testing, you'll start seeing a lot of data. Learn what to look for, how to distinguish signals from the noise, and uncover actionable insights that will drive you to your first customer.

Week 3: 3 June to 7 June

Module 5: What to Ask Users to Generate Insights Explore our conversation guide that includes 5 fail-proof questions you can ask any users to extract specific information.
Module 6: Interpreting User Feedback Learn what to do with the information you've gathered from user conversations, what to value and what to ignore, and how you can use these insights to improve your product.

Transform Conversations into Growth

Have productive user conversations that drive startup growth. Created by experienced founders, and it's completely free.


How much does this course cost?

It's completely free.

Is there homework?

There are optional assignments we recommend you do to apply your learnings.

What is the expected time commitment?

It will take 2-3 hours per week for 3 weeks to complete this course.

Do I need to know anything about startups before I take this course?

No, you don’t need to know anything about being a founder or startups before taking this course.

What if I have additional questions about the course?

Email with your questions and for more information.


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